Monday, May 9, 2011

dealing at work

i don't know how most places of work are. but, my work likes to reward us for making different goals with food. this can be a huge problem. what do they usually give us: pizza. definite nono for me.hello dairy overload! you just hope for bread sticks. that way people don't start the questions. this last time, we earned breakfast. be it a food allergy or dietary preference, breakfast is a hard thing. almost a slap. do you really want to go out of your way for bacon (no thank you) and toast?
so, you get to walk that fine line of how to avoid the situation.
do you call in? go eat your lovely toast? explain why you aren't eating?
i made the mistake of saying no thank you. that leads to the dreaded embarassing explaination. then, becomes people going "well, you could eat.......uh......toast". you want to say "yeah, enjoy your eggs, pancakes, and lovely drinks (milk)".
it's a no win embarassing situation.

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