Sunday, February 13, 2011

veggie pasta with chicken "bolognese" sauce

in the not much to look at file. but, was trying to make a "semi" healthier version of bolognese sauce.

found some ground chicken and this cool looking corkscrew veggie pasta. sadly, the pasta lost a lot of the vibrant color while cooking. still was good. it's pretty chewy.

using the basic tomato sauce.
in a blender ~ combine 2 cans of tomatoes (14oz can), tsp dried oregano, tsp dried basil, tbsp dried garlic, tbsp parsley, and a 4oz can of sliced mushrooms. puree until thick and smooth.
add to 1lb cooked ground chicken.
cook unto hot. this is a longer it simmers/better it tastes sauce.
serve over cooked veggie pasta.


so everyone who knows me knows I'm a Japanese/Asian/sushi food addict. this lovely photo was a dinner from mikado. healthy and very tasty. good for someone with dietary issues. though, they did put the omelet on by mistake. my friend gladly ate it for me.
this is called chirashi. it's various fish (some raw, some cooked), Japanese pickles and sushi rice. just delicious. but, way too much for 1 person. if you're ever in Orlando/hunter's creek area, definitely check this place out. they have something for everyone. my 3 yr old loves the yakitori and well, he's not too picky.
i'm still here. it's been rough.