Sunday, February 13, 2011

veggie pasta with chicken "bolognese" sauce

in the not much to look at file. but, was trying to make a "semi" healthier version of bolognese sauce.

found some ground chicken and this cool looking corkscrew veggie pasta. sadly, the pasta lost a lot of the vibrant color while cooking. still was good. it's pretty chewy.

using the basic tomato sauce.
in a blender ~ combine 2 cans of tomatoes (14oz can), tsp dried oregano, tsp dried basil, tbsp dried garlic, tbsp parsley, and a 4oz can of sliced mushrooms. puree until thick and smooth.
add to 1lb cooked ground chicken.
cook unto hot. this is a longer it simmers/better it tastes sauce.
serve over cooked veggie pasta.

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  1. I am going to try this out. I am a huge pasta lover and with bolognese and to find a healthier version is great! My younger sister, my dad, and now my little Min Pin dog Tyson is diabetic too. I like finding new recipes to make for my family. I find it hard to find to get recipes for meet their needs. I'm following now and look forward to reading about your adventures surviving food allergies =)