Thursday, August 29, 2013

cooking shows

Does anyone know of any cooking shows that actually do episodes on food allergies?

I watch food shows a lot. But, will have to try to remake it dairy free. Often it's soupy or just wrong tasting. I know there are many internet sites with recipes. Trust me..... I've found them. Lots of them.
Would just like to see a show about allergies that isn't about peanuts and wheat. Seems only ones they seem to recognize.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

i miss....

There are a lot of foods I could care less about not being able to have. I'm not a sweets eater. but, I have yet to find a cheese that melts. If it does, often it's gritty. So, things like pizza and quesadillas always end up tasting funny. my biggest "miss" food is Mac and cheese. I know you can add butternut squash to male it creamy. But, it's my not the same.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

mild rant

have you ever noticed that it's almost punishment monetarily to have certain allergies or choices in diet?


you can get glutton free almost anything for the same price as the regular stuff?



**glutton free mac and cheese $1.25.
    regular mac and cheese $1.25
**dairy free ice cream (almond milk, soy, rice milk, etc) pint $6.49.
    1/2 gallon milk ice cream $4.59

just my luck

start taking photos with my phone and it dies. kaput.

(I am loving my new galaxy 3).

Friday, February 1, 2013

coconut strips

Was at trader Joe's today and noticed these for $1.99. Not too sweet. Good texture. Very addictive.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

odd twist

When I moved here it was to help my parents and get help with the boys. That way work/travel isn't an issue.  Fair trade really.

The food dept was the fight. My father is pretty mellow and tries most anything. His problem was he hates to cook/eat alone. Not many people do.
My mother is another story. Hated most anything healthy other than dried food. I'm good at patrolling my diabetes. But, the milk allergy is another have 3 choices:
1. Trust that there isn't dairy.
2. Make everything yourself.
3. Everything will be dry.

They've learned the milk allergy is not a joke.... the hard way.

So, here's the twist. Last week, I had to take punk and my mother to the Dr. Knew they'd send her to er. So, we went there instead. Fun drive: 2 sick people and I'd had to call off work anyway due to ice. Punk couldn't go back for 2 days. So, I used 2 of the many personal days I never use.
I take D to school the next day. Get back home and am told that mom needs to go back to the er.
The previous day, they never questioned that she could have k stones or diabetes. Like out of control diabetes.

So, life has changed here. In a good way. Though, it is weird having to explain from square 1 about the diet/lifestyle.