Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i'm visiting my parents for a few days starting friday. not looking forward to it. yes, i am elated to see family. but, knowing my son and mine's dietary issues, i'll have to go to the store for most everything we need. plus, my father without fail will eat something like ice cream or cheese and tell me how it's "soooooooo good". joy.

here's to a peaceful trip.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's just cheese

i try to shop at farmer's markets and the like. whole foods is good for those hard to find items.

but, i've been kind of sick off and on lately. it's been a rough year. so, i've been buying what i can at the super target. yesterday,while there, i was trying to buy items for fajitas.
me: "do you carry soy cheese?"
dairy employee: "we have lactose free"
me: so, no soy? rice?
de: we have lactose free

if you don't, please just say you don't. it won't hurt me. had a similar conversation about sour cream too.  now, i did remember publix carries soy in their vegetable dept. ended up there for everything.
i don't mind when places don't carry items. really. just come out and say it.
dairy free "ice cream" is a another one.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

changing things around here

title change. changing the content too. but, still recipes and food reviews.

i want to make this more how we deal, what it's like to try to find things, and the like. i think people think "oh, that's such an easy thing to deal with". read a bread package, cookie package, ask at the restaurant what's in a dish. it's complicated.