Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's just cheese

i try to shop at farmer's markets and the like. whole foods is good for those hard to find items.

but, i've been kind of sick off and on lately. it's been a rough year. so, i've been buying what i can at the super target. yesterday,while there, i was trying to buy items for fajitas.
me: "do you carry soy cheese?"
dairy employee: "we have lactose free"
me: so, no soy? rice?
de: we have lactose free

if you don't, please just say you don't. it won't hurt me. had a similar conversation about sour cream too.  now, i did remember publix carries soy in their vegetable dept. ended up there for everything.
i don't mind when places don't carry items. really. just come out and say it.
dairy free "ice cream" is a another one.

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