Friday, April 8, 2011

a letter

dear Starbucks,

i understand the raising of your prices. everyone did. but, medium 2 drinks for $12 is a turnoff. then, to add insult to injury, soy milk in anything costs 60 cents more per drink. 60 cents? per drink? so, people with food allergies or want the healthiness or vegan get fined. no thank you. i'll bring my own drink next time.

no love,
the lady (and small child) who feel this is unfair

my son thinks a vanlla bean frappuccino is a "milkshake". i'll make my own as a small with soy milk is over $5.


  1. I work at a starbucks and yes our prices are seem amazingly high at times. If you get a starbucks card and register it, your soy and other customization (syrups, milks) are free and you get free drinks.

    Not sure if that helps - and I'm in no way disagreeing with you. Just a little FYI

  2. .s.e.~
    i understand the price ups. the drinks are being made fresh. it's the extra for soy. so, yes, thanks for the info on the starbucks card. that's $1.20 +tax less.