Friday, January 14, 2011

finding lunch

sick. can't work due to it. but today, is the 1st day i feel "human" enough to eat anything other than soup and plain pasta. so, i sit here not wanting to go to the grocery store nor eat anything that is nasty/greasy/who knows what it's made of. i foresee a baked potato and side salad. but, remember that most "extras" and dressings are the calorie killers.
so, here's my question:

what's your favorite healthy lunch that can be bought at any fast food restaurant?

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  1. Hi there, I'm visiting you from SB :)
    I hope you're feeling brighter again soon, it's horrible feeling ill and loosing your appetite.

    I live in the UK so we don't really have fast food places other than McDonalds and Burger King, but we have a take-out place called EAT which does the most amazing fresh soups in a huge take-away tub. They have loads of flavours, but i'm vegetarian so stick to the vegetable, herb and dumpling version. It's seriously tasty and healthy too and they make it in front of you.

    I enjoyed reading through your blog, I love to cook so anything food-related I love to read!

    Take care,
    Livvy x