Saturday, December 11, 2010

spaghetti squash

i managed to find a 4lb spaghetti squash at the store for $2.50
simply cut in half. scoop out seeds (guts as the kids call it). drizzle with oil and add crushed black pepper (a lot of it). place flesh side down on a baking sheet. cook in preheated oven on 375 for 45min to 1 hr. then, using a fork, shred into a large bowl.
spaghetti squash is mild. so, we serve it with marinara sauce.

no photo as it wasn't much to look at. forgive.


  1. I love squash and that sounds like a great and easy way to prepare it! I'm following from swap-bot!


  2. You sure eat a lot of vegetables! Lol. I'm a new follower from swap-bot!

    Tanja (tanchyka)

  3. tanja ~ we do eat meat. i guess it's easier to do things with it. i love my veggies.